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Our Favorite Things : March 2020

We don't know about you, but our social feeds are constantly filled with content encouraging us to try new products. Companies and brands are putting more marketing dollars than ever before into paid social campaigns.

So we constantly find ourselves asking questions like,

Does this really work?
Why is this so expensive?
What the heck is in this?
Have you tried this?

When Erin and I started this page we decided we would only share or promote products that we both have tried -- genuinely. We’ve all experienced the feeling of disappointment when you find out celebrities and tastemakers aren’t actually using the products they promote. Each of the items below have either been a part of our daily routines for some time or have been vetted for over a month. That being said, here are a few of our favorite things this month…

Erin’s Top Three Picks

1. Melissa Wood Health

I’ve never been one for gyms or high intensity workouts. I prefer walking outside in the fresh air or doing more gentle and targeted workouts, such as yoga or pilates. Many yoga and pilates memberships may be too costly for someone on a budget, like myself! The Melissa Wood Health Method combines the low-impact yoga and pilates movements that my body craves and always leaves me feeling amazing. She offers a range of workouts, some that can be done in as little as 8 minutes. The best part is that they can be done right in your living room, using your own body weight, for much cheaper than a gym membership! If you are one for yoga/pilates, she has a free 7 day trial and it is so, so worth it!

2. OXO Salad Spinner

I can’t believe how long it took me to buy a salad spinner and now I can’t imagine my kitchen without this one! Just rinse, chop, and spin - you’re left with freshly washed lettuce that isn’t sopping wet. Buying pre-washed and packaged salad mixes can be super convenient, and I still do this every now and then. However, there are two reasons that I like to buy lettuces straight from the shelf. The first is that it is more cost effective when I’m shopping on a budget! I can buy a huge head of lettuce for under $2, but easily spend as much as $6 on a tub of it. Second, by purchasing and washing your own lettuce, you avoid buying single use plastic containers.

3. Weleda Skin Food

This purchase was inspired by the beautiful Laura Lea over at Laura Lea Balanced after seeing her rave about it on her blog. It’s affordable, uses clean ingredients, and has totally changed the game for me! I use it on my face and chest before bed and on my elbows, knees, and ankles after showering. It’s seriously a wonder cream! With the recent threat and spread of COVID-19, a lot of attention has been brought to proper hand hygiene this cold and flu season. I struggle with painful eczema that is primarily located on my hands, which means that all of the vigorous hand washing has taken a serious toll on me. This is the most effective moisturizer I have encountered. It quite literally feels like skin food!

Hannah’s Top Three Picks

1. Full Coverage Sports Bra

A close friend of mine showed me this bra while catching up over margaritas and I immediately ordered it off of Amazon. Why the impulse? Well, tequila AND it looked just like this Lulu Lemon bra I had been eyeing, but for half the price. Thanks to Amazon Prime I received the bra two days later in the mail. Not only does this bra look like it’s from a designer athleisure line, but it is also high quality! I’ve worn it for over a month and washed it several times. The material is in the same condition it was in the day I received it. Another plus is it is a full coverage sports bra so I always feel secure while wearing it. Message us on Instagram if you have questions on size and fit!

2. Cropped Workout Tank

I found this cropped tank under the suggested items on Amazon when ordering the above sports bra. Same concept, this tank top was only $15 when I ordered it, but it looks identical to the $55 cropped tank from popular athleisure line, Alo Yoga. This tank is the perfect length for pairing with high rise leggings. It is truly cropped. The material is soft and the quality has held up through multiple workouts and washes. Message us on Instagram if you have questions on size and fit!

3. Acure Rosehip Oil

Last Spring I went down a rabbit hole on hormonal health and began looking into the ingredients in pretty much every product I use. Queue the Think Dirty app and Acure products. Acure is not only affordable, but also uses clean ingredients. I have switched most of my beauty routine over to their products, but their rosehip oil is my personal favorite right now. I keep the bottle in the refrigerator so it is always cold and apply a little bit to my face, neck, and hands each night before bed. I wake up with healthy, happy, and moisturized skin. I alternate between this and their Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil depending on how much moisture my skin needs.

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