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Our Favorite Things : April 2020

We don't know about you, but our social feeds are constantly filled with content encouraging us to try new products. Companies and brands are putting more marketing dollars than ever before into paid social campaigns.

So we constantly find ourselves asking questions like,

Does this really work?
Why is this so expensive?
What the heck is in this?
Have you tried this?

When Erin and I started this page we decided we would only share or promote products that we both have tried -- genuinely. We’ve all experienced the feeling of disappointment when you find out celebrities and tastemakers aren’t actually using the products they promote. Each of the items below have either been a part of our daily routines for some time or have been vetted for over a month. That being said, here are a few of our favorite things this month…

Erin’s Top Three Picks

1. BeautyCounter Purifying Charcoal Mask

My hunt for a clean beauty product that helps manage my blackheads, clears congestion, and smoothes the appearance of my skin officially ended when I tried this mask a month ago. After my first use, I was speechless. What I love about it, other than it effectively cleaning out my pores, is that my skin doesn’t feel tight and irritated afterwards compared to some drugstore charcoal products I’ve tried in the past. I’ve been using this mask about once a week before bed, sometimes only adding it to problem areas rather than my whole face. I love hydrating with facial oil after. My skin looks amazing the next day, especially after I apply BeautyCounter Dew Skin. I’m obsessed!

2. Bala Bangles

At home workouts have been my jam long before this pandemic. Truthfully, I love the convenience, privacy, and affordability of working out at home. That being said, it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise at home for me. I’ve already expressed my love for Melissa Wood Health workouts because they’re affordable, effective, and so versatile. I also just find her energy so calming and encouraging. I may not look as elegant and chic as she does when doing her workouts in my living room, but these bangles make me feel pretty close! These stylish weights make my workouts feel indulgent and they come in so many fun colors. They are currently sold out everywhere because everyone is getting in the workout from home groove, but you can pre-order above.

3. Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen is something I’ve included in my diet for a few years now, usually as the protein in my smoothies. As far as results go, I notice the biggest difference in my hair and nails. Quality is extremely important to me, so I’ve been picky about some of the brands I’ve tried. This brand is great quality and has a great taste. Since I’ve been using this vanilla flavor, my smoothies have never tasted better! I find it’s been easier to add in more greens and veggies into my smoothies when using this product because it masks them perfectly. Highly recommend if you’re a collagen lover!

Hannah’s Top Three Picks

1. Gratitude Journal

I bought myself this gratitude journal after one of my favorite bloggers, Grace Allen, shared it on her stories. Then it sat on my nightstand for FOUR MONTHS. During the month of April I signed myself up for a series with a local yoga teacher I adore and one of the habits we implemented was daily journaling. I began using this journal each morning and each evening as a part of my routine and I love it! It is to the point and doesn't take long to fill out while prompting you to really focus on what will be important throughout your day and what was important.

2. Bluelight Blocking Glasses

Our lives are so enriched in technology today that blue light is everywhere. My day job requires hours on my phone or laptop, then one of my guilty pleasures is watching tv before bed so I was jazzed to find these. They are affordable, stylish, and durable. I've had mine for over a year and they've been everywhere! Now that more people than ever are working from home these are a must have for your next Zoom meeting.

3. Laptop Stand

Another work from home must have. This adjustable stand will save your neck and shoulders from aching after sitting at your laptop. It's perfect if you're working from home or if you are on the go. I've used this in coffee shops, on planes, in hotels, etc. It is light weight and easily compacts for travel. This exact model is sold out so I've linked a similar one with rave reviews.

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